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In 1994, Business Management Department (BMD) was set up based on merging Organization & Management Department and Accounting Department. Since then, the Department has conducted training and re-training activities for thousands of participants from enterprises, cooperatives in various fields and areas.

With expectation to become reputation training and researching for enterprises community, the members of BMD always update new information on management knowledge and skills. BMD offers a lot of training curriculums which are suitable for each target group of participants.

BMD is not only to concentrate on developing new training curriculum but also to concentrate on offering specialized training curriculum through surveying and consulting activities for businesses.  

For the purpose of meeting the requirement of labor-user organizations, BMD always does the best to improve teaching method to hit the aim of for supplying knowledge, skills, as well as changing active behavior of participants.

To meet the development strategy of CMARD2, BMD will separate into 3 departments by 2010, included Business Administration Department, Accounting & Finance Department and Trade Department.

BMD has continued to assist for the development of enterprises through long, short term training, consulting and researching services. In addition, BMD is a confident organization for students who expect to be managerial profession and is a place which supply managers with sound knowledge, high skills and  good professional ethics for the economy.


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